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Being passionate outsourcing and shared services advisors, a constant flow of satisfied clients is vital to us.
It nourishes both our professional pride and our business growth.
As a result, achieving successes together with our clients is front and centre in everything we do.
No matter how modest or large your initiative, you can count on our absolute focus and total dedication.
And you will be successful with your endeavour.


grey on top - red underneath 

We believe that our clients shouldn't be paying for "on the job training", so we team up with you in ones and twos and we only deploy seniors on your project.
Under the grey stocked heads (both the cells and the hairs) are flesh and bones bursting with the energy and stamina that make us go the extra mile for you.
All our advisors have been client-side before so they know and understand "your pain" and have learned the hard way how to overcome it.


our clients can say it better

I had the opportunity to work with Rudi on a large and complex global HR outsourcing project. His command of the process methodology for outsourcing and his project management skills were invaluable.

He also did a great job at supporting the needs of our Steering Committee members and facilitating many of the review sessions with the large leadership team for this project.

When under pressure from vendors who always wanted more time, Rudi made sure we adhered to our timeline and budget. It was a pleasure working with Rudi.
His collaborative spirit and calm are commendable.
— Nokia Networks
Rachel has deep expertise in BPO contract management. She is incredibly structured and keeps complex, commercially sensitive matters very controlled. I would highly recommend Rachel as a BPO contract manager and service transition lead.
— Imperial Brands
Carol worked with me on a number of key project areas supporting the development of the future operating model for HR and payroll including a detailed global payroll strategy and a standard HR payroll service catalogue for the US and the UK to enable a standard delivery approach to be adopted. Carol’s depth of knowledge and expertise in HR and payroll was invaluable in delivering to the highest standards in the work that she did for us.”
Rudi’s overriding strengths are found in his structured approach to bringing performance and process knowledge. These have been honed over the many experiences Rudi has had, which includes an extensive payroll knowledge.

He is one of the warmest and most charming people that I know. And I found that he naturally brings a calming influence to the team, and when the pressure is on this is invaluable. I would recommend Rudi to bring these strengths to any programme.
— AstraZeneca
Carol worked with me over a number of years on various HR payroll projects initially reviewing our business case which led us to develop a standard payroll operating model with a global template for time and pay. Carol has supported us with both an RfI and an RfP process for global payroll, helping with planning approach and timeline, documentation, vendor analysis, contract review and negotiation. She has always delivered high quality outputs giving an unbiased and expert opinion in HR and payroll sourcing, operations and process design. Carol is an outstanding professional who inspires confidence - we have truly appreciated her contributions to our projects.
— Ericsson
I cannot speak highly enough about Rachel performance during the time she worked for me. She is one of the most professional, diligent, competent, capable and friendly people I have work with during my career. Her leadership and drive during this program was essential in making the program such a success. The program was a tremendous success, within budget parameters and was rated as the best run project ever. Multiple workstreams ranging from Compliance, Human Resources, Operations, Information Technology etc. were managed without missing a beat. During this time Rachel and the team developed the new Program Management Governance and Structure that is used today and with supporting documentation/training manuals and sales and marketing material.
— Chemco